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Es geht nicht darum, Ihre Schwächen und Defizite zu bekämpfen,

sondern darum Ihre Stärken und Talente zu entdecken und richtig einzusetzen.

Student counselling, education consultancy, career management


It's not abouth fighting your weaknesses and shortcomings, but about  discovering your abilities and talents and bring them into play  properly.


Choosing a profession is a complex process, in the course of which  your true inclinations and talents have to be laid open. In addition  to that, the compatibility of these inclinations and talents with your  desired career options have to be checked. In order to make full use  of your potential, a high correlation between talents and future tasks  is highly desirable.

Only those who are well aware of their strengths and talents are  capable of shaping and expressing their professional aims and pursue  them successfully.


How do we proceed?

Our goal is to expose your talents and ressources regardless of your  previous experiences (within the family, educational or professional  sphere)  in order to provide you with a heightened awareness of them.   Possible professional fields of activities can be developed by  combining your core intelligences,  skills, interests and talents.

We create a personalized profile of your interests, talents and  preferences using internationally acknowledged testing procedures. The  results provide reliable information about your intelligences,  strengths ans talents.


Detailed personal conversation

  • individual-related description of the results during a detailed  final meeting
  • written summary of the results

If required, we will glady organize a sleeping accomodation for you!


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